Edinburgh calling – CRU326 member Margot Wyrwoll granted Walter Benjamin fellowship

Margot Wyrwoll, clinician scientist at the IRG, receives a two-year research grant as part of the DFG Walter Benjamin Programme for excellent junior scientists – another milestone after finalising her residency in human genetics at the University Hospital Münster.


In January 2023, Margot will relocate to the Institute for Regeneration and Repair, University of Edinburgh, working closely with Dónal O’Carroll on a project designed to explore specific genetic underpinnings of transposon suppression in mammalian germ cells. Special emphasis is laid on the interaction between PIWI proteins and small non-coding PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) in transposon suppression. This process is essential for ensuring the genomic integrity of germ cells to avoid mutations that may lead to infertility. Margot’s previous research for the CRU326 focused on azoospermia (a lack of sperm in a male’s ejaculate), perfectly reuniting her work as clinician and scientist. The Walter Benjamin fellowship, in turn, enables her to concentrate on basic science in order to disclose in greater detail possible genetic causes of male infertility. We wish Margot an enlightening and successful fellowship in Edinburgh! Many congratulations!


For further information on Margot’s research project, please check the Medical Faculty’s website.