CRU326 members awarded with Best Miniposter Talk Awards at ETW2021

This years ETW2021 was a great success! Not only was there a lot of fascinating science included and presented, but four of our members were in addition awarded with 'Best Talk' or 'Best Miniposter Talk Award':


Sara Di Persio'Best Selected Miniposter Talk Award' with her selected talk entitled: 'EGR4 dependent decrease of UTF1 is associated with failure to reserve spermatogonial stem cells in infertile men'.

Sandra Laurentino'Best Short Miniposter Talk Award' with her miniposter entitled: 'High-resolution analysis of Klinefelter germ cells reveals normal transcriptome but aberrant imprinting'.

Nadja Rotte'Best Short Miniposter Talk Award' with her miniposter entitled: 'Investigating M1AP's role in male infertility of mice and humans'.

Christian Schiffer'Best Short Miniposter Talk Award' with his miniposter entitled: 'The role of CatSper Ca2+ channels in male infertility: question resolved!'.


Moreover, the Münster crew have made second place in the virtual video contest, showing a bunch of fun and digital creativity. Congratulations and all the very best for your ongoing projects!