CRU326 Clinician Scientist Maria Schubert receives DGA research grant

DGA research delegate Corinna Friedrich [left] and DGA research grant fellow Maria Schubert [right]

What a huge success for CRU326 member Maria Schubert: She was awarded this year's DGA ('Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie') research grant and receives 10 000€ to conduct an own research project over the course of 12 months. Maria convinced the jury with a research proposal on 'Deciphering the uncommon phenotype of infertile men with azoospermia and 'normal' FSH serum level'.


Commenting on the scholarship, Maria thanks not only the DGA (represented by DGA research delegate Corinna Friedrich) but also her colleagues: 'I am very glad and proud to have received this grant. The funding allows me to explore why certain men with strongly impaired spermatogenesis do not upregulate FSH accordingly. Applying a clinical, genetic, and immunohistochemical approach, we will learn more from this patient group. I am very much looking forward to working closely with my valued colleagues on this project and am very thankful for the support I have received so far in preparation of this study.'


This years DGA research grant called for projects revolving around translational ideas and aspects in the context of (clinical) andrology. Junior scientists from the field of human and veterinary medicine were invited to apply with their own research concepts. Apart from the funding, the awardee is entrusted with the task of organising the session 'Young Andrology' for the 2023 DVR ('Dachverband Reproduktionsmedizin') congress. Maria will be responsible not only for choosing the session’s topic but for the entire call for proposals, including the selection of speakers. The aim of the session is to increase the visibility of junior scientists and their scientific output and to offer networking opportunities between (clinician) scientists working in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology of different career stages.


For further information, please check the Medical Faculty’s website.