Cristin Beumer appointed as member of the MFM's 'Gleichstellungskommission'

Dr. Cristin Beumer, project manager of our CRU326, was elected as member to the Medical Faculty's Equal Opportunity Commission (Gleichstellungskommission).

Since 2017, Cristin strongly supports the equal opportunities work of the CRU. As a woman in the field of medical research and a mother of a young child, she has the ideal prerequisites to make a change. Her very own goals? 'In order to promote the career opportunities of women in science, it is important to provide framework conditions that above all support the scientific profiling of women. My personal aim is to fight the leaky pipeline* (data) which is bad for all of us – both women and men.'


All the best for her future work!

For more information, visit the Medical Faculty's website or the newly founded Women-in-Science Network Medicine!


*The term 'leaky pipeline' is used to describe the declining proportion of women in science at the various qualification and career levels, which indicates a persistent structural inequality between men and women.