Projects for PhD Students

Description: A series of projects involving either the biophysical characterization of interaction between proteins and curved plasma membranes in live cells using Nanomaterials, Microfluidics, Superresolution and Electron microscopy or the role of curvature-sensing proteins on architecture and function of cells are available.Requirements: You want to work at the interface of cell biology, neurobiology, and (bio)physics. Please contact me if you want to discuss possible projects.

Projects for Master Students

Description: A variety of Masters projects for Masters students (Physics & Biology) ranging from cell and neurobiology over microscopy and nanofabrication are available. Please contact me to discuss details.Requirements: You should be curious - everything else can be learned.

Projects for Bachelor Students

Description: Bachelor students in Physics & Biology are invited to contact me to discuss possible projects. Requirements: You should be curious - everything else can be learned.