The FluResearchNet is a nationwide network to study the virulence and zoonotic potential of influenza viruses.

It was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from 2007-2013 (only project 12 is still ongoing and funded) and is now an open network for all researchers working with influenza viruses in Germany.

You can apply for a membership by sending an informal request with your research interests and your motivation to join the network to the Management Office. The Steering Committee will decide about your application.

Steering Committee

Dr. Linda Brunotte, Muenster

Prof. Dr. Christina Ehrhardt, Jena

Prof. Dr. Timm Harder, Greifswald - Isle of Riems

Prof. Dr. Stephan Ludwig, Muenster

Prof. Dr. Martin Schwemmle, Freiburg

PD Dr. Thorsten Wolf, Berlin