I was born in the southernmost region of the world, in Punta Arenas (Chile). I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Valparaíso and completed my bachelor thesis in the Interdisciplinary Center of Neurosciences of Valparaiso under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Oliver Schmachtenberg.

In my bachelor project, I worked on the dangerous American spider the aim of my work was to establish a venom extraction protocol based on the electrostimulation of the spider’s venom gland, with venom renewal capacity. It also involved testing the venom in  primary fibroblast culture using microscopy.

In parallel, I was in charge of the organotypic cultures of rat retina. Since then, I have been interested on microscopy, and decided to take a course of management and theory of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy.

Afterwards I worked as the operator of the LSM in the University of Valparaíso for one year. During that time, I applied and received a PhD scholarship from the Chilean and German Governments (CONICYT/DAAD).

Since October 2019, I am a graduate student in the Institute of Cellular Virology. For my PhD, I am investigating the identity and conformation of the elusive secondary receptor complex responsible for HPV16 uptake into host cells.