I am Florian Chardon, I grew up in a small village in Aveyron in the south of France. I have studied biochemistry in Toulouse and completed my master degree in 2013 in the laboratory of Pr. Nicolas Leulliot within the University Paris Descartes. 

I have stayed for two more years as an ‘engineer’, I have worked on the characterization of an RNA helicase involve in ribosome biogenesis.

Then, I went to the Institute Curie, firstly in Dr. Anne Houdusse’s group, where I have worked for two years on the role of MICAL1, a protein involved in cytokinesis.

Subsequently, I joined Dr. Daniele Fachinetti’s group for two years, where I implemented biochemistry in order to investigate the interaction between kinetochore proteins and the role of CENP-B in centromeric DNA topology.

In 2019, I decided to gain professional experience abroad.

Joining Dr. Mario Schelhaas’ group in April 2020, I am interested to study biochemical interactions of capsid proteins with cellular interactors.