SFB 1009 Breaking Barriers Publications

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  • General publication of the SFB 1009

    Members of the Breaking Barriers research team, Germany, Principal Investigators Professor Cornelius Faber, Dr. Bettina Löffler, and Professor Georg Peters describe their research, the importance of understanding pathogen-host interactions on a cellular scale and their ambition to use this knowledge to create new clinical interventions.

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    Pushing the barriers of knowledge, International Innovation, Regional Research, Issue September 2013, pages 86-88

  • Reviews of the SFB 1009


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  • Publications 2021

    Ambite I, Filenko NA, Zaldastanishvili E, Butler DS, Tran TH, Chaudhuri A, Esmaeili P, Ahmadi S, Paul S, Wullt B, Putze J, Chen SL, Dobrindt U, Svanborg C (2021) Active bacterial modification of the host environment through RNA polymerase II inhibition. J Clin Invest 131(4):e140333

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  • Publications 2020

    Arce-Molina R, Cortés-Molina F, Sandoval PY, Galaz A, Alegría K, Schirmeier S, Barros LF, San Martín A (2020) A highly responsive pyruvate sensor reveals pathway-regulatory role of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier MPC. Elife 9: e53917

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  • Publications 2019

    Abo Basha J, Kiel M, Gorlich D, Schutte-Nutgen K, Witten A, Pavenstädt H, Kahl BC, Dobrindt U, Reuter S (2019) Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Escherichia coli Causing Urinary Tract Infections in Kidney-Transplanted Patients. In J Clin Med 8(7). pii: E988

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