The role of calcium mediated actin rearrangement (CaAR) in podocyte function

    We have identified a fundamental ability of mammalian cells to reset their actin cytoskeleton in response to calcium influx (Calcium mediated Actin Rearrangement - CaAR). Calcium, actin and a key regulator of CaAR, the formin INF2, have been implicated in injury of podocytes, the cells responsible for ultrafiltration in the kidney. In this proposal we therefore want to establish the molecular basis and physiological relevance of CaAR for the function of podocytes. We will use a combination of live cell imaging and genetic perturbations in cultured cells and mouse models, with a particular focus on the role and biochemical interactions of INF2.

    Research area: Cell biology, clinical nephrology

    Prof. Dr. Roland Wedlich-Söldner
    Prof. Dr. Hermann Pavenstädt

    Funding period: July 2016 - June 2020

    • Publications

      Original articles

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