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Research on infections is an important focus at the University of Münster. In order to promote the networking of Münster's interdisciplinary research activities, U. Rescher (Medical Biochemistry) and U. Dobrindt (Hygiene) launched the Münster Symposium on Infection Biology on March 29th and 30th, 2017. The large number of participants, a total of 111 researchers from various institutes in the fields of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy as well as biology, illustrated the demand for a forum like this for all those interested in the University of Münster.

Four keynote lectures shed light on current infection biology topics (K. Ohlsen, Würzburg: role of serine / threonine kinases in the gene regulation of Staphylococcus aureus; G. Koudelka, Buffalo, NY: modulation of gene regulation in EHEC by lysogenic bacteriophages; R. Lavigne, Leuven : New antimicrobial approaches based on bacteriophages; M. Schwemmle (Freiburg): Influenza A-like viruses in bats).

A cross-section of current research projects in Münster was presented in eleven short presentations and on 20 posters. Another session impressively illustrated the use of imaging and mass spectrometric methods for processing infection-biological issues and provided information about methodological approaches that can be implemented in Münster.

In addition to the IZKF (Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research Münster), the pathogen host Interplay (phi) Club, the SFB1009 and the medical faculty of the WWU supported this symposium, which will take place annually in the future.

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