We are the Institute of Medical Microbiology and research infectious agents.

How are pathogens transmitted? How do bacteria make us sick? How do antibiotic resistances develop and how can they be detected quickly? These are the questions we address in our research projects. 

Pathogens do not respect borders. That is why we have placed a special focus on researching infectious pathogens in Africa, where we have been scientifically active for many years.

Students of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy as well as trainees as medical-technical laboratory assistants learn about the fascinating world of infectious pathogens with us.

Together with the Institute of Hygiene and the Centre for Molecular Biology of Inflammation (ZMBE), we organise a microbiological colloquium on current research topics in infection medicine.

On this website you can find information about our research projects and teaching events. An overview of our tasks in patient care and our laboratory diagnostics can be found here.