Medicine and dentistry

We train medical and dental students in medical microbiology to prepare them for future tasks, especially in medical diagnostics and antibiotic therapy.

We offer lectures, practical courses and seminars on all topics of medical microbiology and conduct interdisciplinary courses with other institutes and clinics. Detailed 
Information and teaching materials for students of human medicine and dentistry can be found here. Our lecturer for students of medicine and dentistry will be happy to answer your questions.

                        Prof. Dr. med. Barbara C. Kahl,, 0251-83-55358

During the practical courses you will learn the most important microbiological methods and will be guided by intensive supervision. If you have any questions about the practical course, please contact our course management.

                        Annette Feldkamp,, 0251-83-55351


Within the framework of practical courses and introductory lectures, pharmacy students are given an insight into medical microbiology. If you have any questions about these lectures, please contact our pharmacy lecturer.

                      Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Christine Heilmann,, 0251-83-55357