Nocardiae are a widely distributed group of actinomycetes associated with some infectious diseases. It is suggested that pulmonary nocardiosis might occur in a substantial proportion of patients with chronic lung disease in African countries.For investigations on the protein level, the soluble proteomes of Nocardia farcinica SD1828, N. africana SD910, SD925, N1081, and N. asteroides N317 were separated by 2D-gelelectrophoresis and proteins were analysed by mass spectrometry. Due to the current and expected future lack of sequence data for Nocardia, conclusive identification is often not possible. Therefore, NoDaMS was created to share the extensive available knowledge within the scientific community in an effort to advance Nocardia research.
Gel images cover the ranges in molecular weight from 5-250 kDa and pI 4-7 (SD920 pI 3-10). Numbering refers to spots which were excised for protein identification. Peptide maps and PSD data were created with MALDImicro MX (specified for peptide mass RMS error < 50 ppm; fragment RMS error < 500 mDa).
The database was established starting Aug. 4, 2006. Data (peak lists and spectra) can currently be requested by e-mail.