Welcome to the Department of Clinical and Surgical Andrology!

Andrology focuses on the exploration and clinical treatment of male reproductive dysfunction and dysfunctional hormone production. In the Department of Clinical Andrology we focus on male infertility, delayed puberty, cryoconservation of sperm cells or germ cell tissue (Androprotect) for fertiliy preservation, the ageing man, production and effects of testosterone, erectile dysfunction and men contraception.

We help couples with the unfulfilled desire of a child at the Assisted Reproduction Unit in coorporation with the Gynecological Hospital. Furthermore, we support patients with testicular tumours in optimizing their therapy.

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Department of Clinical and Surgical Andrology

The CeRA is a designated WHO Collaborating Center for research on male inferility since 1987.

The CeRA is training centre for clinicians of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA) since 1994.

By using standardised techniques and performing the internal and external quality control programme of the German Society of Andrology we ensure reliable laboratory diagnostics.

As centre for second opinion concerning testicular tumours we try to optimize patients' therapies.