Research areas "Anatomy & Molecuelar Neurobiology"

Regulation of Ca2+-dependent transmitter release at synapses
Synapses are specialized intercellular junctions in which cell adhesion molecules connect the presynaptic machinery for neurotransmitter release to the postsynaptic machinery for ... [ more ].

Structure of the transsynaptic neurexin/neuroligin complex
Neurexins and their postsynaptic interaction partner neuroligins represent an ideal candidate pair for a role in the formation and/or maturation of synapses due to their heterotypic, ... [ more ].

Novel molecules essential for synaptogenesis
Synaptic cell adhesion molecules (SCAMs) are mostly membrane-anchored molecules with extracellular domains that extend into the synaptic cleft. Prototypical SCAMs interact with ... [ more ].

Disturbances in the ratio of excitatory and inhibitory synapses may have implications for neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and mental retardation ... [ more ].

Analysis of synaptic function using electrophysiological procedures
To complement our molecular genetic, biochemical and morphological studies we perform electrophysiological recordings. Using mostly the whole-cell patch-clamp ... [ more ].

Ultrastructural analysis using electron microscopical methods
Our group analyzes neuronal synapses of different genetically modified mouse lines in vivo and in vitro biochemically, electrophysiologically and morphometrically. For the latter, light microscopical techniques and ... [ more ]