Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging


Pioneers Lecture: Cell Dynamics and Imaging

Gemeinsam mit dem Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre der WWU laden wir renommierte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt zu uns nach Münster ein. Sie stellen ihre jüngsten Erkenntnisse aus Grundlagenforschung und Klinik vor und diskutieren innovative Forschungsideen im Themengebiet „Zelldynamik und Bildgebung“ mit uns.

Aktuelle Themen und Termine

SFB 1009 Lectures

Date Speaker University / Institute Lecture titel
25.01.2016 Ulrich Kalinke Twincore, Centre of Experimental and Clinical Infection Research, Hanover / Germany Anti-viral interferon responses in periphery and brain
07.12.2015 Wolfgang Weninger Medical School Sydney / Australia Cell migration in skin inflammation
16.11.2015 Dr. Marc Veldhoen Babraham Institute, Cambridge/UK Maintaining epithelial T cells
12.10.2015 Steffen Gay University Hospital Zurich Epigenetic regulation of cellular phenotypes in rheumatic diseases
15.06.2015 Paul Kubes University of Calgary / Canada Imaging sterile and infectious inflammatory processes in vivo
08.06.2015 Alan Aderem Center for Infectious Disease Research, Seattle/USA Systems biology of innate immunity
27.04.2015 Hartmut Wekerle Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, University Munich/Germany Thymus > gut > lung > spleen > brain (and back?) – The improbable journey of a brain autoimmune Tlymphocyte
23.02.2015 Mohamed Lamkanfi Ghent University / Belgium Mechanisms and functions of inflammasomes
16.06.2014 Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager Department of Infectiology, Molecular Virology, University Clinic Heidelberg, D Exploitation of host cell pathways by the hepatitis C virus: From cell biology to antiviral therapy
28.04.2014 Prof. Dr. Dmitry Gabrilovich The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia The biology of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
17.02.2014 Prof. Dr. med. Tim Sparwasser Institut für Infektionsimmunologie, Twincore, Hannover Medical School, D Layers of dendritic cell-mediated T cell tolerance
16.12.2013 Prof. Dr. Reinhold Förster Hannover Medical School, D Homing of immune cells via afferent lymphatics
07.10.2013 Dr. Beatrice Riteau Université de Lyon, FR Role of protease-activated-receptor 1 and plasminogen during influenza infections