YSC - CRU326 Young Scientists Club: Workshop 'Voice and Body Coaching'

It is our pleasure to announce the workshop 'Voice and Body Coaching' on July 11-12, 2022, organised by our CRU326 Young Scientists Club (YSC).


Within the frame of this Body and Voice workshop, the well-experienced coach Ric Oquita from ImpulsPlus will work with our Young Scientists on how to professionalize the presence and presentation style, and how to develop an effective self-awareness when presenting scientific work to an audience.

This task is even more challenging for many students, who started their scientific work during the COVID-19 pandemic and have never engaged in person with a live audience.



Update: The workshop was a huge success. We are convinced, everyone had an amazing time – at least the shown picture from the two days allows this impression! We really looking forward to the next event!


For more information about future events, contact Kim Joana Westerich or Lara Marie Siebert-Kuss.


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