YSC - CRU326 Young Scientists Club: Workshop 'Voice and Body Coaching'

It is our pleasure to announce the workshop 'Voice and Body Coaching' on July 11-12, 2022, organised by our CRU326 Young Scientists Club (YSC).


Within the frame of this Body and Voice workshop, the well-experienced coach Ric Oquita from ImpulsPlus will work with our Young Scientists on how to professionalize the presence and presentation style, and how to develop an effective self-awareness when presenting scientific work to an audience.

This task is even more challenging for many students, who started their scientific work during the COVID-19 pandemic and have never engaged in person with a live audience.


So get started! For more information and to register, contact Kim Joana Westerich or Lara Marie Siebert-Kuss. The workshop is limited to 10 participants.


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