Reproduction.MS - Workshop

Basic and clinical reproductive research, involving DFG-funded collaborative endeavours like the clinical research unit 326 'Male Germ Cells: from Genes to Function', has a long tradition in Münster. Within the framework of the Reproduction.MS initiative, using the CRU326 as a blueprint, we set out to establish a collaborative research centre (SFB) at the University of Münster with the focus on research in the field of reproduction. We are currently in the process of identifying local groups (and projects) that could participate and defining potential research areas and/or core projects. To this end, we organise a virtual workshop 'Reproduction.MS – From Genes to Molecules and Function', which will take place on June 24 – 25, 2021. The aim of this workshop is to bring together people working in this research area.

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If you have only the slightest feeling that your research and/or technical expertise could enrich this initiative, participate in the workshop! Please contact us at to get in touch. We are keen to learn about you and your ideas..

Of course, the non-scientific fun-factor will not be missed out – be prepared for a marvellous add-on that can be joined and enjoyed by your whole family! We are highly looking forward to this event.

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