European Fertility Week 2022

Join us between 7-13 November for the “European Fertility Week”, an awareness campaign organised by Fertility Europe. The theme of this year’s EFW is: “25 Million Journeys – One (in)fertility Challenge”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness for the challenges and burden of infertility: In Europe alone, 25 million people suffer from fertility issues. Their individual stories and journeys take centre stage in the EFW 2022. As Clinical Research Unit CRU326, we are proud to join the cause and to support the EFW. From Monday through Sunday we will post a daily reproduction-related fact on our Twitter account @MaleGermCells.


Let’s raise awareness together and support the millions of Europeans struggling with infertility! Feel free to tweet and retweet: #EuropeanFertilityWeek #25MillionJourneys

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