CRU326 Gender Equality: 'Rhetoric Workshop' for female scientists

Mrs. von Allesch will give a 2-day workshop on 'Rhetoric' for all female CRU members.

She is a psychologist and has been given rhetoric courses (especially for women) over the past few years. She is aware, that we are experienced in giving presentations and will therefore focus on improving individual skills. The workshop will therefore include a short presentation by each member, complemented by video-analyses and other tools to help improving your skills. If you are interested, please check the facts below:

When? April 3rd - 4th 2019, from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Where? To be announced.

Who? 8-10 female scientists from the CRU, affiliated to the CRU or the CiM.

Costs? The course as well as food and drinks will be covered by gender equality measures of the CRU.

How to apply? Please send an e-mail to (first come, first serve!).

Language: Mrs. von Allesch will give her coaching in German. If you prefer to give your presentation in English, this is fine. However, you should be fluent in understanding German.

If you have further questions, please contact us:

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