Women's Leadership Journey in Münster – A Recap and a new beginning

Women are still heavily underrepresented in higher career stages of biomedical sciences – a phenomenon known as the 'Leaky Pipeline'.


A model project called 'Leadership Journey' initiated by our CRU326 and the Medical Faculty Münster in early 2021, aimed to support the career development, strengthen the networking abilities, and promote the establishment of an individual leadership style of female scientists to prevent losing such qualified women in higher career positions. This fosters the qualification of a new generation of female academic leaders in biomedical research!


After the nine-month journey of the CRU326 pilot cohort, the last workshop took place on October 2021 – but this will not be the end of it! 'Personally, I can only recommend this program. Everybody who is willing to reflect, to dive into the strengths and improvable areas of herself should attend such a program. I believe it helps everyone- no matter in what position.', said Dr. Cristin Beumer after her participation. 'Besides, we enjoyed and established such a great group spirit that we’ve decided to continue our networking journey on a monthly basis!' Leadership coach Annie Bordeleau will support this effort with additional regular coaching session.


And what about the programme itself? Greatly, the programme was implemented in the Medical Faculty's support instruments for female scientists! In spring 2022, a second cohort will start – for the first time open to all female members of the University of Münster and associated research centres, institutions, and units. The programme starts with comprehensive personal feedback in the form of the Leadership Circle Profile as well as individual coachings, followed by five interactive workshops with the group.


On January 10, 2022, an information event took place, which is now followed by a tender and application phase where one can apply with a CV and a short letter of motivation. Interested? Take your chance and send your application to momentum@i2a-network.com by January 30!


For more information about the 'MOMENTUM Women’s Leadership Journey', check out the Women-in-Science Network offers here or get in contact via momentum@i2a-network.com.