Welcome our new CRU326 2020+ applicants

After three amazing and highly successful years of this clinical research unit, we are now preparing ourselves for the application of our 2nd funding period.

All CRU326 projects who were part of the 1st round will apply for a prolonged funding and you can already find their respetive project proposals on our homepage. And in addition to these promising 'senior' project candidates, we want to warmly welcome two further co-applicants as well as four completely new applicants and their extremly exciting projects!

If you want to get some deeper insight into their projects, please click on the following project numbers:

Sandra Laurentino - co-applicant P6
Cristoph Brenker - co-applicant P8

Corinna Friedrich - new applicant P5
Juan M. Vaquerizas - new applicant P7
Johanna Raidt - new applicant P9
Sabine Kliesch - new applicant RCT