German Research Foundation approves Early Career Investigator Academy in the field of Reproductive Health

With the help of the Early Career Investigator Academy now approved by the DFG, Prof. Jörg Gromoll aims to support research talents in applying for funding [Foto: WWU / Erk Wibberg]

To support junior researchers in successfully applying for third-party funding, Prof. Jörg Gromoll (University of Münster) and his colleague Prof. Ruth Grümmer (University of Essen) are launching an Early Career Investigator Academy. The Academy specialises in reproduction and ageing, in particular consequences related to fertility and health. The initiative is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with a total sum of 750,000€. The Academy provides support and funding for up to 20 junior researchers for a period of two years.


It offers an extensive workshop programme both on enhancing junior scientists’ soft skills, e.g. leadership and networking skills, but in particular to prepare them for designing an individual research project and applying for appropriate funding. Besides, the Academy comprises an elaborate mentoring scheme, consisting of one-on-one mentoring tandems. Established researchers pass along advice, support, and experience to their younger colleagues to increase the latter’s chance for a successful application.


The launch of the Academy is yet another step in strengthening the German research landscape as a forerunner for supporting aspiring young scientists from the field of reproductive medicine and biology, as highlighted by Jörg Gromoll: 'Targeted funding for scientific research in Reproductive Health will provide insights that help us understand basic mechanisms of reproductive ageing and which factors ensure healthy progeny.'


The DFG launched the Early Career Investigator programme in order to meet the dearth of upcoming scientists in academia s. Application for the Academy can be submitted until June 16; a kick-off event is scheduled for early summer. For more information click here.