SP BioSciences: Lara Siebert-Kuss appointed as representative

CRU326 member Lara Siebert-Kuss (Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology, CeRA) and PhD student Jos Cox (Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, IBBP) have been appointed as Stearing Committee Representatives for the graduate students of the SP BioSciences programme of the University of Münster.


The structured doctoral programme BioSciences (SP BioSciences) is an institution of the Department of Biology for its PhD students aiming to strengthen their support by the faculty and ensuring quality standards for their dissertation progress. The programme was founded in August 2020 and is currently under development. It provides a framework to support the students in broadening their scientific competencies and producing high-quality research results.


As of now, Lara Siebert-Kuss and Jos Cox will be involved in the further establishment and definition of the programme. Besides, they will represent the interests of the doctoral students. For example, they will assist in the organisation of workshops and seminars as well as in the follow-up of individual accomplishments. Moreover, both of them will be important contacts for the students and will pursue providing them with an environment in which high scientific standards enable a completion of their doctorate fast and forward within three to four years.


Congratulations to this position, we wish great success in achieving these highly important goals!