Shifting paradigms: Together with the Network Reproductive Research CRU speaker Jörg Gromoll promotes research in the field of Reproductive Health

Joint forces: CRU speaker Jörg Gromoll and the Network Reproductive Research set out to narrow the gap in reproductive research.

The latest edition of the Laborjournal features an article about the dearth of scientific research on Reproductive Health in Germany – including an interview with CRU326 speaker Jörg Gromoll and his fellow colleague Prof. Ruth Grümmer (University of Essen). While Germany used to be a beacon of excellence in this field, attention has shifted to focus on assisted reproduction and couples’ unfulfilled wish for a child. The Network Reproductive Research, of which Jörg Gromoll and Ruth Grümmer are founding members, has set out to tackle this lack of scientific research by raising awareness, bringing researchers together, and lobbying for funding. Their endeavours have been successful: The Early Career Investigator Academy ‘FertilAge’ funded by the German Research Foundation and led by Jörg Gromoll and Ruth Grümmer kicked off in June, while the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding five Junior Scientific Research Centres in the field of Reproductive Health – including one centre in Münster. Both initiatives are testament to the necessity of promoting university-based research and encouraging early career scientists to pursue a career in academia. For the full article, click here.