Leave No Man Behind - DFG press release in 'german research'


CRU326 spokesperson and research coordinator Prof. Jörg Gromoll (CeRA) and Prof. Frank Tüttelmann (IHG) together with group member Dr. Christian Schiffer (CeRA) contributed to the newest issue of the DFG's journal 'german research' with a statement about the status of research concerning infertile men - promoting to Leave No Man Behind.

The English equivalent of the journal, ''forschung'', is published three times a year in 110 countries. In their statement, the three recapitulate the shift in research focus towards a stronger importance on the reproductive health of the male. Highly neglected just a few decades ago, the relevance of this topic is now undergoing an ever-increasing change. A growing body of evidence suggests that male reproductive functions are not only relevant to fatherhood, but also affect overall health and wellbeing – both in the man himself and in his children. Male infertility has to be understood as only one symptom of a complex disease, underlining the importance of research in this field. Thats where our research unit becomes involved, aiming to better understand the causes, enhance diagnoses, and improve treatment of male infertility.

An assisted natural reproduction - this is how the three imagine the next generation of reproductive medicine. You can read the complete article here (DE) or here (EN).