Extension of our CRU326 by the German Research Foundation

German Research Foundation extends funding of our CRU327, providing 5.7 million euros !

It is an overwhealming feeling to finally announce - we are officially granted a 2nd funding period for our DFG-funded Clinical Research Unit 'Male Germ Cells' (CRU326)!


Since 2017, our researchers and clinicians have been working together to investigate the causes of male infertility. With 8 projects and 5 different institutes, we were i.e. able to show that mutations in the DNA lead to changes in the motility of the sperm, elucidate genetic cause of a hormone deficiency, which leads to a reduction in sperm formation or establish a iPSC-based model system for early germ cell specification. Moreover, we sequenced over 1000 genomes of infertile patients during the past years, aiming to better understand the causes, enhance diagnoses, and improve treatment of male infertility. 'This generous funding will enable us to carry straight on from our previous successes,' says Prof. Frank Tüttelmann from the Institute of Human Genetics, who is research coordinator of the Clinical Research Unit. 'Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we not only analyse the genetic causes of male infertility, but also provide individual strategies for treatment.' In total, our CRU326 received a financial support of 5.7 million euros - covering the research purposes of 11 projects for the next three years. Within the 2nd period, we will slightly shift our focus from genes to function - perfectly fitting with our project title! 


The forthcoming projects and studies will significantly increase the rate of causal diagnoses and improve general understanding of the male health. Thus, main added value of our CRU326 will be the multi-faceted, integrated approach to male infertility creating a sustained impact on research and clinic alike.


For further details, please find here the press releases of the University of Münster, our Medical Faculty, and the DFG or check out all funded projects on our homepage.