DGA publication award for CRU326 member Margot Wyrwoll

Laureate - Dr. Margot Wyrwoll

CRU326 member Dr. Margot Wyrwoll from the Institute of Reproductive Genetics (IRG) was awarded the publication award of the German Society for Andrology (DGA) at this year's Andrology 2020 conference. The clinician scientist applied with her work on 'Bi-allelic mutations in M1AP are a frequent cause of meiotic arrest and severely impaired spermatogenesis leading to male infertility'. 

The publication is a prime example of international and inter-institutional cooperation - including 34 authors from 7 different countries. The researchers involved have succeeded in identifying and characterising a new gene associated with male infertility: M1AP. This gene codes for the meiosis 1-associated protein - already suggesting a relevant function during the formation of germ cells. Currently, hardly anything is known about the corresponding gene function. However, the study strengthens the assumption of an indispensable role of this gene during meiosis. 'Through a large number of patients, a previously described mouse model and functional analyses, M1AP could already be classified as clinically validated and will therefore be integrated into our growing list of genes relevant for male infertility', explains M. Wyrwoll. In order to obtain even more details about the gene and associated protein, and to enable optimal diagnosis and counselling for affected men in the future, a sub-project - 'The molecular role of M1AP in meiotic arrest', under the lead of Dr. Corinna Friedrich - is part of the 2nd funding period of our CRU326 'Male Germ Cells: from Genes to Function'.

The DGA publication award was endowed with a sum of 2000€ and sponsored by Jenapharm GmbH & Co. KG. Anyone from the field of andrology was given the opportunity to apply. In addition, Dr. Wyrwoll was able to present her work to an international audience during the congress. Furthermore, she will have the opportunity to organise a symposium on an andrological topic at the upcoming annual meeting of the DGA as part of the DVR congress currently planned for 2021. 

The CRU326 congratulates to this outstanding success! For more information about about the winner and her work, please see the WWU press release or the associated publication Wyrwoll et al, Am J Hum Gen 2020.