CRU326 PI Corinna Friedrich receives Ursula-von-Euch scholarship

The Ursula-von-Euch foundation aims to support highly qualified women with children in their academic careers. Scholarship candidates must participate in top-level scientific research and be able to use their skills in top positions.


Women are often not adequately represented in leading positions. The Ursula-von-Euch foundation aims to enhance the cast of talented female scientists in top positions of the field. Female doctoral and post-doctoral students are supported by financial grants for everyday support such as childcare, household help, or scientific research assistances. This gives mothers more time and flexibility for their scientific careers.


Dr. Corinna Friedrich, the principal investigator of CRU326 project 5, was now awarded with this unique, pragmatic scholarship and will be supported with 400,-€ each month for the next year, with the option to extend the funding for another two years. 'With this approach, new standards are set to improve conditions for female scientists who choose to pursue a family and career in parallel', says Dr. Friedrich.


The CRU326 congratulates to this outstanding success! For more information about the scholarship and the Ursula-von-Euch foundation, take a look on their website or at our University homepage.