CRU326 members awarded at the 9th DVR congress - congratulations!

This year’s highlight of the Dachverband Reproduktionsmedizin (DVR), the 9th DVR congress, was a huge success! Excellent science was combined with great networking and socialising opportunities while completely going virtual. On top of that, three of our CRU326 members were awarded with:


'Award for Best Oral Presentation' won by Nadja Rotte with her selected talk entitled: 'Unravelling M1AP’s role in mammalian fertility'.


'Award for Best Poster Presentation' won by Lara Maria Siebert-Kuss with her poster entitled: 'A whole transcriptome atlas at germ cell-type resolution reveals regulatory changes in gene expression throughout human spermatogenesis'.


'Focus Young Research' won by Christian Schiffer and his team with the poster entitled: 'The role of CatSper Ca2+ channels in male infertility: question resolved!'. The award is sponsored by the Bundesverband Reproduktionsmedizinischer Zentren Deutschland e.V. (BRZ) and includes a professional multimedia presentation (video/audio) of Schiffers research topic to reach a broader audience.


Congratulations to all of them and good luck for your ongoing projects! For more information about the projects, take a look at the press release of the Medical Faculty or the CeRA website.