CRU326 Gender Equality: 1st 'LabAid' granted

Eva Pohl (right) and her LabAid Lea Holtrup (left) in the histology lab.

The Management Board of the Clinical Research Unit decided to support the LabAid application of PhD student Eva Pohl. The funding will include the costs of a 'Studentische Hilfskraft' for 10 hours per week over 4 months. Eva is associated to the Clinical Research Unit and mother of two small kids. After the funding period, Eva will report the performed work and support received by her LabAid Lea.  

The Clinical Research Unit congratulates her sincerely and wishes her all the best for her future career!

If you like to apply for LabAid support, please note: 

Who can apply? All parents (male/female) with working partners or lone parents with children that need to be taken care of, pregnant women (also during 'Mutterschutz'), parents (male/female) in 'Elternzeit'. This is offered for CRU members AND for 'CRU-close' researchers, that contribute to projects of the CRU.

What will be covered? LabAid for 5 hours per week for 6 months (can be adapted individually, extension possible). Pregnant women: up to 10 hours per week, if work with teratogenic substances is necessary (for the duration of pregnancy). LabAids can be 'Studentische Hilfskräfte' (SHK),  'Studentische Hilfskraft mit Bachelorabschluss' (SHB) or 'Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte' (WHK).

How and when to apply? Application form available on request (or soon on homepage). Decision will be made within meetings of Management Board (3-4 times a year). In urgent cases, the Management Board will decide via e-mail correspondence among the members.