3rd CRU326 pilot project started

Henrike Krenz and Lina Pérez Lanuza.

On January 23th the pilot project of Henrike Krenz and Lina Pérez Lanuza was accepted by the CRU Management Board.

The project 'Total RNA Seq reference data from testes samples with defined germ cell arrests as a valuable repository within the Male Fertility Gene Atlas' aims to assess the transcriptional profiles of five highly selected groups of human testicular tissues with defined stages of germ cell arrestSpermatogenesis requires a complex spatial RNA expression program in somatic as well as in germ cells. Unique to spermatogenesis is the separation of the transcriptional process from a direct translational process at distinct stages. We selected testicular tissues with specific stages of germ cell arrest and conditions (Sertoli-cell-only, spermatogonial arrest, spermatocyte arrest, spermatid arrest, normal spermatogenesis) for RNA Seq analysis. The bioinformatic analyses of the data will help to decipher the transcriptional networks associated with the different stages of germ cell differentiation. Furthermore, the obtained results will extent the database of the Male Fertility Gene Atlas.

Henrike Krenz (M.Sc.) is a computer scientist and research associate at the Institute of Medical Informatics (IMI) and Lina Pérez Lanuza (M.Sc.) is a biologist and research associate at the Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology (CeRA).