The FluResearchNet organises every two years the International Influenza Meeting in Münster, Germany. In September 2012 more than 270 researchers from 24 countries participated in the 3rd International Influenza Meeting.

As the meetings are of big interest we will continue the tradition of the International Influenza Meetings after the funding period of the FluResearchNet ended. The 4th International Influenza Meeting will take place from 21 - 23 September, 2014.

You can find more information about the events of the FluResearchNet hereafter:

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

5th International Influenza Meeting 2016

2nd International Conference "Innate immunity of the lung - Improving pneumonia outcome"

Internal FluReseachNet Meeting 2015

4th International Influenza Meeting 2014

Internal FluResearchNet Meeting 2013

International Conference „Innate immunity of the lung – Improving pneumonia outcome”

3rd International Influenza Meeting 2012

Internal FluResearchNet Meeting 2011

2nd International Influenza Meeting

Nationales Symposium zur Influenzaforschung in Deutschland 2009

International Workshop on Common Cold - SARS - Pandemic Influenza: Novel strategies to fight respiratory viral diseases"

Annual Meeting of the FluResearchNet 2008