Interplay of cell adhension and matrix proteolysis in barrier-breaking invadopodia of tumour cells

    The molecular linkage between b1 integrins and MMP14 within invadopodia of melanoma cells will be disclosed at protein-chemical and cellular level. To study their functional linkage, integrin-dependent localization and activity of MMP14 within invadopodia will be analyzed. Inhibition of melanoma invasion by individually targeting MMP14 will be compared with an approach of dual targeting both b1 integrins and MMP14 with novel bifunctional integrin- and MMP14-targeting (BIMT) molecules at the cellular level. Translationally, BIMTs will be tested for their potential to inhibit melanoma invasion in chicken CAM and murine lung assay.

    Research areas: Vascular Matrix Biology, Integrin-Matrix Interaction, Protein Chemistry

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Eble

    Funding period: January 2014 - June 2024

    • Publications

      Original articles

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