Mechanisms and consequences of immune-cell interactions with endothelial cells and pericytes at the blood-brain-barrier

    Our project investigates mechanisms how lymphocytes breach the blood-brain-barrier and contribute to CNS inflammation. In the first part, we aim to reveal the key influencing factors as well as underlying mechanisms of immune cell-mediated brain endothelial barrier disruption under static and under flow conditions. In the second part, we aim to study the role of pericytes as cellular constituents of the blood-brain-barrier during the process of immune cell transmigration in the context of CNS autoimmunity, especially with regard to potential interactions with autoreactive T cells shaping T cell activity and migratory behaviour.

    Research area: Neuroimmunology

    Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Wiendl
    Prof. Dr. med. Luisa Klotz (since 07/2016)

    Funding period: July 2012 - June 2024

    • Publications

      Original articles

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      • Wiendl H, Gross CC (2013) Modulation of IL-2Rα with daclizumab for treatment of multiple sclerosis. Nature Rev Neurol 9: 394-404.