3rd International Symposium of the CRC 1009 Breaking Barriers · Autoinflammation breaks Barrie

27. bis 29. November 2018
Dinner im A2 am Aasee. v.l.n.r. Prof. T. Vogl, Prof. J.Roth (Sprecher des SFB), Prof. K. Loser, Prof. U. Rescher, Posterpreisträgerin M. Hartlehnert, Prof. U. Dobrindt (stellvertetend für Dr. J. Putze).
© SFB1009 / Foto - Privat.

Inflammatory processes are the basis of many widespread diseases, and infections are an increasing health problem in our society. More than 100 scientists from three continents came to the scientific symposium from November 27th to 29th 2018 in the premises of the Max Planck Institute in Münster to discuss current research results in the field of inflammatory diseases.

This meeting is the third in a row in the last five years to be held in this form in Münster. The expertise of the lecturing scientists ranged from molecular biologists and microbiologists to clinically active doctors. In addition to common diseases such as infections, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, allergies, tumors and infections, rare congenital diseases of the immune system were also addressed.

As part of the event, two young scientists from Münster were honored for their research work, Ms Maike Hartlehnert in the field of multiple sclerosis and Mr Johannes Putze in the field of urinary tract infections.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of the assembled experts, new paths could be recorded in various areas that appear promising for future therapy strategies.

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