Sub projects

All German government funded subprojects were concluded in the summer of 2013.The function of the former head office is now fulfilled by the Reference center for ichthyoses and palmoplantar keratosis (ReCIP), head Priv. Doz. Dr. Vinzenz Oji.The topic of molecular diagnostics in Germany is now taken care of by the working group of Prof. Dr. J. Fischer, institute of human genetics in Freiburg (financial support by German Research Council/DFG).The topic of ultrastructure of Mendelian disorders of keratinization is continued in the working group of Dr. I. Hausser in the institute of pathology of the University of Heidelberg.The working group of Priv. Doz. Dr. V. Oji in Münster has a focus in research aimed at developing novel therapeutic approaches for example for the peeling skin syndrome (financial support by German Research Council/DFG).The working group of Prof. S. Emmert, Rostock has a focus on developing mouse models for the syndromic ichthyoses CEDNIK Syndrome (financial support by German Research Council/DFG).