About us

The funding programme "Innovative Medical Research" (IMF) was established in 1996 at the Medical Faculty of Münster. Alongside the IZKF (Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research), it is the second important instrument for internal faculty research funding. Funding is provided exclusively by the allocation from the State of NRW.

The IMF's various funding instruments are open in terms of content. They primarily serve to promote individual projects, especially those of young researchers. Appointed professors are excluded from submitting applications. The IMF's funding is intended to support researchers for subsequent acquisition of qualified external third-party funding.

From 1996 to 2022, the IMF has funded,
572 research projects and 255 pilot projects, as well as granting 60 doctoral scholarships (until 2010) and 63 exchange scholarships.

3D representation of the symmetry analysis of a facial surface
Symmetry analysis of a facial surface on the basis of 3D data (IMF project: Three-dimensional colour-binding recording of facial structures and their change by means of optical profilometry - DI 1 1 06 06)

Our Goals

  • Strengthening medical research at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Targeted promotion of young researchers
  • Support of innovative research projects
  • Stimulation of interdisciplinary research projects
  • Promotion of exchange with external institutions
  • Individual promotion, especially of young scientists, through a scholarship programme