Institute for Cardiovascular Organogenesis and Regeneration

Prof. Stefan Schulte-Merker

Tracking the vascular und nervous system

The cells of the vascular and nervous system make their own higly branched network in the body. Yet, both systems are in close contact with each other. There are still many open questions as to how exactly they are connected to each other. Scientists from Münster, Frankfurt (Main), Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Berlin now aim to find answers to these questions in a Research Unit, financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Read more ...
Yvonne Padberg, M.Sc. - Foto: privat

Travel grant provides ticket to international conference

Junior researcher Yvonne Padberg received the prize for the best talk given at the Gordon Research Seminar for junior scientists. Her trip to the USA was made possible by a travel grant provided by the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence (CiM). Read more ...

Genome Engineering Workshop

On June 27/28 a Workshop on Zebrafish Genome Engineering  attracted the attention of 108 international participants. The workshop was organized by S.Schulte-Merker and W.Herzog (both WWU Münster), A.Acker-Palmer (Univ Frankfurt) and F. le Noble (Univ Karlsruhe), featuring 6 speakers from the US, Germany, the UK and France. Intense discussions focused on how to implement CRISPR/Cas and TALEN Technologies to enable knock in and homologous recombination events in zebrafish.