Order form (currently only in German)

Preanalytical Advice

For the qualitative detection or intestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli, especially of EHEC, from HUS-patients or patients with a suspected EHEC infection, the following advice should be considered.

Needed samples / specimens

  • stool
  • anal/rectal swabs
  • culture material

Preanalytical processes

  • collect the stool sample in a fresh and clean vial
  • sample from the stool from different positions, preferable bloody or purulent portions

Amount of sample

  • approximately 1 g

Sample storage and transportation

  • lable the vial with patient name and sampling date
  • fill the order form and send this together with the sample within 48 h without cooling, in the summer time within 24 h otherwise include cooling
  • samples should be cooled (not frozen) before transportation
  • use an official box for sending of biological substances group B, UN3373

Order form (currently in German only)