Director of the Institute of Hygiene is Univ.-Professor Dr. med. Alexander Mellmann. 

The Institue of Hygiene consists of two sections.

The section 'Hospital and Environmental Hygiene': Director Univ.-Professor Dr. med. Alexander Mellmann  and the section 'Microbial Genome Plasticity - Molecular Infection Biology' Director: Univ.-Professor Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Dobrindt.

Furthermore the 'Biomedical Mass Spectrometry' group belongs to the Institute of Hygiene; Head: Professor Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Dreisewerd.

Research activities in our institute involve methods of classical micro- and molecular biology, microbial genomics as well as microscopical imaging techniques and mass spectrometry. Members of the institute are engaged in the curricular and non-curricluar training of medical students as well as of Faculty of Natural Sciences.