Medical Scientists

Promoting natural scientists in medical research

Biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics scientists bring decisive strengths to medical research through their specialisation in specific subject matter and technology. They investigate complex cellular processes and develop innovative methods required, thus laying the foundations for the development of new strategies for medical diagnostics and therapy. In order to be able to assess the potential of their own research for clinical applications and to orient their research projects appropriately, it is important for this professional group – the medical scientists – to complement the competences of their scientific discipline with knowledge of medical topics and the conditions of translational research, and to work closely with physicians on interdisciplinary projects. Incidentally, the patient-oriented perspective that comes with such collaborations can provide additional motivation for one’s own work.

Funded by the Else-Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung, the Faculty of Medicine is establishing a structured training programme for postdocs from the natural sciences, which provides support for a specific qualification as medical scientists and their career paths in university medical research.

Participating research networks and institutions