Working as a Medical Scientist: Stories & Insights

Photo gallery: 1st Medical & Clinician Scientist Forum Münster

Lots of personal exchange, motivating discussions and new ideas: Junior researchers from medicine and the natural sciences and their mentors came together at the first joint career forum of the Clinician Scientist Programme, CareerS, and the Medical Scientist Programme, InFlame, of the Faculty of Medicine Münster on 9 and 10 January, 2024. (15 Jan 2024)

“Not many natural scientists can offer the combination of basic research and clinically oriented research.”

Through the “InFlame” Medical Scientist Programme, eleven postdocs from biology, chemistry and computer science are undergoing specialist training for natural scientists in medical research. In this interview, programme spokesperson Prof. Dr Petra Dersch talks about the important role of medical scientists, their career prospects and the contents of the career programme. (22 Mar 2023)

Video: Computer science between the sciences

Many exciting research questions arise when computer science intersects with other sciences – this is something Prof Benjamin Risse, who is a mentor in our Medical Scientist Programme, is thoroughly convinced of. In this video, he gives examples of his research which focuses on “teaching computers to see” – meaning he develops algorithms that analyse image data by integrating approaches from the field of artificial intelligence. In medicine, for example, this can help analyse microscopic images. He also talks about an ant project, working together with neurobiologists, mathematics and the special charm that academia holds compared to the commercial sector. (3 Nov 2022)

Labelling cells using SNAP-tags: Research at the interface of biology, chemistry and medicine

Researchers have, for the first time, utilised so-called SNAP-tag technology to radioactively label cells in living organisms. This feasibility study is an example of a translational approach to developing medical imaging techniques and gives insight into research on test tube, cell culture and animal models. The team includes a postdoctoral researcher and two mentors from our Medical Scientist Programme: radiochemist Dr Christian Paul Konken, biochemist Prof Andrea Rentmeister and nuclear medicine specialist Prof Michael Schäfers. (30 Sept 2021)

A comprehensive analysis of immune cell types in the meninges

Researchers have systematically studied which types of white blood cells populate the tissue surrounding the brain and discovered that both B cells and their progenitors reside and develop in the outer layer of the meninges. The cells may have special immune system functions there and play a role in inflammatory brain diseases. Importantly, the scientists were able to confirm their findings based on mice in targeted studies of human tissue. The team includes biologist Dr David Schafflick – then a doctoral student and now a fellow of our Medical Scientist Programme – and his mentor, neurologist Dr Gerd Meyer zu Hörste. (17 Sept 2021)