Scientists within the Faculty of Medicine actively combine clinical research with strong interdisciplinary basic research. Their goals are to understand the human body and the progression of diseases, and ultimately to develop new diagnostic methods as well as individualized therapeutic options. Researchers collaborate with colleagues across the borders of disciplines, nationalities and cultures. Combined expertise and diversified approaches promote scientific creativity that results in medical innovations.

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Research results

In order to document new results of their work in a transparent and verifiable way, and to share them with the professional community, researchers publish papers in professional media. The Faculty of Medicine awards a “Paper of the Month” as an example of the outstanding work by its researchers. The winners present their findings briefly and as comprehensibly as possible in words and images.

Paper of the Month: Outstanding publications and their authors as well as information on the competition

Publication lists of the institutes and clinics

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Career paths creating synergy between research and clinical work

The Faculty of Medicine supports physicians looking to combine scientific and clinical work in their careers, as well as natural scientists whose discipline-specific strengths can contribute to translational medical research, and fosters close cooperation between these two professional groups.

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Support for research and career

From undergraduate studies to doctorate degree and habilitation to professorship: the Faculty of Medicine promotes and supports the work of its researchers. It offers innovative training and career opportunities, a research environment characterised by a collaborative ethos, as well as diverse funding options. Among other things, the Faculty supports international collaboration and equal opportunities for male and female scientists..

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Good scientific practice

The University of Münster and the Faculty of Medicine are committed to scientific integrity and fairness. Researchers adhere to the rules of good scientific practice, which includes a research data management policy, specifications for scientific publishing as well as guidelines for the ethical treatment of animals in research and teaching.

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