When it was established in 1780, the Faculty of Medicine was one of the four founding faculties of the University of Münster. After the closure of the University during the turmoil of the post-Napoleonic era and its reestablishment (1902), the "new" Faculty of Medicine was opened in 1925, delayed by the First World War. Still relatively young, it is today one of the largest and most research-intensive medical faculties in Germany.

Deans of the Medical Faculty since 1925

Since the Faculty of Medicine was (re-)established in 1925, a total of 57 Deans have filled 67 periods of office. Deans have come most often from the following disciplines:

  • Anatomy (9)
  • Dermatology (6)
  • Paediatrics (5)
  • Physiology (5)
  • Ophthalmology (4)
  • Psychiatry (3; including Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 4)

In addition to including honourable physicians and scientists, this list also includes opponents and – unfortunately – supporters of the Nazi regime. The Medical Faculty at Münster only had one female Dean (Prof Ute Witting, 1989-1993).

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