Clinical Translation and InterventionProject area C is dedicated to the investigation of the genetic/epigenetic, neuronal network (fMRI, MEG) and psychophysiological (EEG, Startle) underpinnings of anxiety disorders and their possible use as biomarkers of therapy efficacy. Additionally, novel interventions such as rTMS are tested for their potential as an adjunct to standard therapies of anxiety disorders.

Research Projects

C02 Targetable (Epi)Genetic, Physiological and Neuroimaging Risk Markers of Anxiety
Sensitivity: A Developmental, Cross-Disorder Prevention Study of Separation Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Domschke, Neufang
C07 Phasic and sustained fear in humans: neural basis and implication for anxiety disorders Herrmann, Straube
C08 Hemodynamic (fMRI) and magnetoencephalographic (MEG) correlates of fear-generalization in anxiety disorders: developmental aspects and effects of psychotherapy
Straube, Junghöfer
C09 Exposure treatment in anxiety disorders: proof of principle of an a priori response prediction approach Lueken, Dannlowski
C10 Interaction of attentional and learning processes during acquisition, generalization and loss of fear Gamer