CRU326 workshop on 'Male Reproductive System in Drosophila'

The CRU offers in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Paul Lasko and PD Dr. Astrid Jeibmann
a workshop on the 'Male Reproductive System in Drosophila'.

Date: Tuesday, Nov 5th, 10 am - 12 pm

Location: Institute of Neuropathology, 1st floor, Pottkamp 2, Münster

Schedule: 10 am - Lecture by Prof. P. Lasko | 11 am - Hands-on session by PD Dr. A. Jeibmann in the fly lab

This workshop will be headed by two fly experts, demonstrating the potential of using Drosophila for studies in reproduction. Please register (first come, first serve) for this workshop by contacting:  as soon as possible since number of microscopic workplaces are limited!


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