Abstract, Poster and Oral Communications

Abstract guidelines
  • Abstracts could be submitted directly through the web form, rather than an uploaded word or rich text format document.
  • There is a 250 character limit (including spaces) to the title of your abstract.
  • There is a 2500 character limit (including spaces) to the abstract body - to be entered into the abstract body field of the submission form.
  • The text of the abstract must contain an introduction and objectives, methods, results obtained, and conclusions. Listing of grant support is optional.
  • Abbreviations may only be used after the words are written out in full at first mention. It is the author's responsibility to submit the abstract.
To type in or copy your abstract open the web form.If your abstract contains special formattings send it by Email to: Barbara.Fischer-Rittmeyer@ukmuenster.dePoster presentation
The poster board display area is approximately 118 cm high by 84 cm wide (DIN A0), allowing for the frame. Your poster may be smaller, but cannot exceed this size.
The top of your poster should include the presentation number of your abstract (as noted in your confirmation letter), the presentation title and authors. Text and illustrations must be read by interested scientists from distances of 3-5 feet (1-2 meters). Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be more heavily drawn than those prepared for slides. A short and legible "Introduction" and a "Summary of Conclusions" are helpful to the attendee. Keep text and figure legends short, but do not omit them. Keep illustrative material simple. Simple use of color can add emphasis effectively. Above all, use large print!

Oral presentation
Oral presentations are supposed to not to extend 10 minutes; 7 minutes for presenting data and 3 minutes for discussion. Selected oral presentations will be chosen from submitted abstracts and the corresponding author will be informed beforehand to prepare the presentation in time.