Albrecht Schwab (WWU)

Albrecht Schwab (WWU) is the coordinator of the consortium and in charge of the scientific, training and administrative activities.

We are investigating the role ion channels and ion transporters play in tumor and immune cell migration. In particular, we focus on Ca2+ sensitive K+ channels, TRP channels, and the Na+/H+ exchanger. The key questions addressed by our research are:

  • Why are these ion transport proteins required for cell migration?
  • How are these molecules distributed in migrating cells and what are the functional implications of a localized activity of ion channels and transporters for migration?

To this end we apply state-of-the-art imaging techniques such as time-lapse videomicroscopy, live-cell fluorescence microscopy, TIRF microscopy and ionic imaging.

IonTraC project: Function of ion transport proteins in pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs)



Relevant publications:

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